Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Old Dawson Peak Trail - 8W32

My plans are to depart Lupine at Dawns Crack on Thursday between 5 and 6am and hike the race track pattern back to Lupine. Route: Lupine - LFF - Dawson Trail - Pine Mtn - Pine Mtn Ridge - Lupine. Just over 11 miles with Elevation Gain 4,488ft and Loss 4516ft (Rough numbers).

I will be carrying my SPOT with me so follow this link and check on my progress, or lack there of...HA! If you check the link before I start the hike in the morning it will have nothing to display and indicate no updates.



  1. I saw a photo on the internet of your signature in the register on Pine Mtn, so it looks like you made it. Good job!!


  2. Jim,

    Thank you so much for the compliment! Yes, I sure did the hike on Thursday and had a great day in the mountains.

    When I returned to Lupine I tore down my little camp and met my wife and kids in Wrightwood for dinner at the Grizzly. The weather was great and we ate outside on the patio. I had a Rubin sandwich with potato salad and a Newcastle :)

    After a very short drive home I promptly fell asleep on the couch watching Star Wars with my son.

    I work Friday through Monday so it was right back to the grind. I just now also got home from work and saw your kind note. In my little spare time since I started my work days I have been getting my hike pic's in order and comparing those with the map for a good update.

    I'm gong to try and make a descent post to help others make it through this route as easily as possible. It can be quite frightening when the trail suddenly vanishes into a wall of brush overgrowth or, just plane and simple, there is no trail at all.

    I have so much to say and I will get the post up within a couple of days. I'm gonna get this one done first before my UFF update since this is still fresh in my memory banks...HA!

    Oh, one thing I'm going to do for now on is start another post as I do a hike with a link to follow me with my SPOT, as I did with this one. I think that's a neat thing.

    Take care and thanks again,


  3. Cool stuff, bro. I'll be looking forward to the post -- and perhaps following the route you describe. Haven't been on the Dawson Pk trail since I was a kid.


  4. Hi There Jim,

    I haven't been neglecting this hike trip update. Ever since I started my work week back up it's been bad, real bad. Each day has been 16 hours long and even worked my days off. I'm beat and I'm beat bad!

    Please believe me, I'm going to get this together and I'll do it soon, just not as soon as I had originally thought :(

    In addition to maps, pictures and route description I will make my track route available from the Garmin(60csx).

    Take care and thank you for hanging in there, I really appreciate it.


  5. Hi, Darren,

    I certainly understand about long work hours. Hang in there, and post when you can.


  6. Hi! So how was the Dawson Peak Trail? Would it be difficult using that trail from Dawson Peak to Lower Fish Fork? Is it overgrown, and would it require a lot of route finding?

  7. John,

    Accessing the Dawson Trail via the saddle on the North Backbone Trail would be a little more difficult considering the route finding. This was my second time on this trail and both times I started hiking up not down the Dawson Trail. To me I believe it is easier to navigate and route find going up.

    As the trail departs the saddle and goes down it will vanish with out a trace into the grave yard of old fallen trees that you can see from Baldy looking back.
    Although it's not impossible at all and using a good topo map with a compass and a gps things would be ok. The trail does vanish in a lot of areas due to erosion, slides and vegetation overgrowth.

    Things are kinda slowing down for me a little and I'll get to working on this hike report again. I will go into much greater detail on all sections of the trail including pictures and maps.

    Take care!

  8. made the trip up the dawson peak trail with my dog last sunday, great route, but a map is a must!

    the place that is really confusing is at the top of the notch (before you drop down into LFF). Be sure to switchback down, not go around to the north (like i did). The next confusing spot is at little fish fork, trying to find the old dawson peak trail. I gave up here and just climbed the hillside until i reached a switchback. Followed the trail up the rest of the way to the north backbone. Fairly easy to follow if you have a good map to tell you where each switchback is. Its just long and somewhat remote.

    Also found where the upper fish fork trail was. It cuts through the hillside about 50 feet above the feeder creek. Accidently followed this down at first, until i figured out i was on the wrong path.

    Recommend this area only to experienced navigators!